How Do I Make My Dozen Roses Look Right?


When I initially began to design flowers I typically heard how designers had problem making a dozen roses look good. That it was hard to keep the roses in location. However it is truly very easy to do if you know a couple of basic fundamentals.

1) First prepare the rose by removing the bottom half of the leaves and popping off the thorns. Many people choose the thorns off however as much as possible I leave the thorns on. This is due to the fact that taking them off can leave open wounds and might enable microbial bacteria to go into and reduce the life of the flower.

2) Cut the increased stem slantwise under water (so they do not get an air pocket that avoids them from drinking) and location in small bucket or vase that has warm water and flower food.

3) Make sure you have the right size vase. This might sound typical sense however believe me; all starting designers have made this mistake.

There are 2 ways that I have discovered to be the best:

a) Fill a vase with water 3/4 of the method complete.

b) Take your greens (usually leather leaf) and begin putting them in the vase starting from the outside all around and moving inward. The greens ought to be crisscrossing themselves. (Site : winw368)This offers a great stiff base for the roses to be able to stand without flopping.

a) Take a dry vase and clear floral tape. You can get this at a craft store and it is very sticky and water proof.

b) Use this tape at the top of the vase by making a grid. You ought to leave enough space to permit the stem and greens to go through.

c) Fill the vase with water and flower food and begin putting your greens in, like previously, begin inserting from outdoors towards the inside stems crossing each other. The benefit to using the grid is you can use less greens.

d) Now you are ready to place the roses in.

For roses I prefer the opposite. Place the next 4 roses in around the first rose however a little much shorter. Continue in this style till all roses have actually been put.

There are numerous methods to put the roses but remember, keep it easy. Don’t make it made complex. There is a lovely inspirational print called Beauty-White Magnolia that states, “Appreciate Simplicity”. That’s my slogan.

Take pleasure in!

When I first started to develop flowers I typically heard how designers had trouble making a lots roses look good. That it was difficult to keep the roses in place. Location the next 4 roses in around the first rose however slightly shorter. Continue in this fashion up until all roses have been positioned. There are many ways to position the roses but remember, keep it simple.